Rebuild Terms


Standard Guarantee/Warranty:
Subject to proper maintenance & care and for normal road use following procedures set out below: (For clarification, engines used for racing & extreme track use aren’t covered).

New parts are guaranteed against failure for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty which is 24000 miles/24 months for gaskets/seals (for a gasket/seal to have failed it must be what Hartech deem to be significant), timing chains & guide rails, crank shaft bearings, latest design intermediate shaft & bearing, Porsche supplied pistons (subject to Porsche stipulations), Hartech cylinders, Hartech intermediate shaft spindle & other Porsche supplied parts, & 12000 miles/12 months (whichever sooner) for the lower cost new intermediate shaft bearings and any aftermarket pistons. Used parts are not guaranteed. The guarantee does not extend to the original parts re-used including future issues to the original cylinders (& for clarification Hartech cylinders are guaranteed & a strengthened original cylinder is guaranteed against cracking unless as a result of another failure having a knock on effect such as a foreign body entering the combustion chamber).

All Hartech’s labour is guaranteed for 24 months/24000 miles (whichever first).

Faults caused by track & competition use, incorrect fitting (if not fitted by Hartech), over-heating, neglect & abuse are excluded. The “running in” oil  must not be a low friction oil & the running in guidance must be observed followed by an oil & filter change using Millers Nanodrive CFS 10w50 NT and the car serviced as per the Porsche service schedule by a competent approved specialist/engineer using genuine Porsche parts or OEM parts of their equivalent quality. Documentary evidence of oil changes & servicing will be needed to support a claim (and in the event of an engine re-build which Hartech didn’t subsequently fit – acceptable documentary evidence must be provided of the mileage at fitting.) In the event of a claim oil will be analyzed to ensure the correct oil has been used.

We will only consider claims under our engine guarantee if we are contacted before any investigation/work is carried out. We may require the whole car complete with engine fitted to be returned to us at the cost of the owner/garage until the cause of the fault is identified by us. When it is the customer/representatives are free to inspect the results and this work will be fully carried out without charge by us if it was our responsibility, but if not a charge to rectify the fault not caused by us will be charged at a fair & reasonable rate.

For a claim to be valid the fault must be caused by a guaranteed component/defective workmanship rather than a guaranteed component being damaged as a knock on effect of the failure of a non-guaranteed component.

For engines which Hartech haven’t fitted, at the time of fitting we must be notified of the mileage, number of operating hours and stored over-revs recorded in the DME. Evidence of such must be retained (such as a DME printout). Failure to do so may affect the success of a claim.